Truck dispatcher responsibilities

Truck Dispatcher Responsibilities

The truck dispatcher is an important role within the transportation industry. And although in Wikipedia there is no definition for truck dispatcher, doing a quick search on the web we find that it is about coordinating the movement of cargo from one place to another.

The sites dedicated to job search make a job description as follow

  • Managing truck drivers’ schedules and routes,
  • Scheduling freight to be picked up and delivered
  • Providing shipping details to customers
  • Reviewing logs of truck drivers
  • Documenting all calls, deliveries, routes and times for pickups and deliveries
  • Completing paperwork related to shipments, such as invoices
  • Handling customer complaints and inquiries
  • Negotiating rates and delivery time lines

Good dispatcher?

For us a good dispatcher must be able to communicate effectively with drivers, customers, dispatchers at other companies, and management. They also need to be organized and efficient

This job requires strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask.

But we consider very important that our dispatchers keep in mind the needs of our drivers, focus on finding them the best rates and a good home time, pickup their calls and understand them

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