Do you provide loads to non-CDL drivers?

Unfortunately, Torque Dispatch, Inc is not able to provide loads for non-CDL drivers. However, you can reserve a 30-minute/1-hour consulting session with one of the owners in order to get all the necessary information on how to obtain your CDL A.

How many trucks can you handle at the same time?

Torque Dispatch, Inc counts with a large team of dispatchers directly trained by the owners of the company. Our team is specialized in handling trucking fleets, however, a single owner-operator represents the same importance to us as a fleet of one hundred trucks.

Do you have direct clients or are the loads provided from the load boards?
Yes, Torque Dispatch, Inc has good relationships with a large volume of clients and brokers. Though, Torque Dispatch, Inc book gets loads from the load boards as well.
What kind of equipment do you specializes in?
Flatbed Trailers. From Hotshot 40’ to Flatbed/Step Deck 48’ or 53’ and RGN’s/Lowboy’s as well. However, Torque Dispatch, Inc has certain standards: the smallest trailer Torque is able to dispatch must be at least 40’ L and must be able to scale up to 20,000 LBS.
If I have a hotshot 40’ L, how can I scale 20,000 LBS?
In order to scale 20,000 LBS safely, you must have the following features on your trailer: – 12k axles at least (not 10k axles) – 14 ply tires at least (not 10 ply tires) – You must have your equipment registered to weigh 42,000 LBS or more. It doesn’t mean you are going to weigh that much. That’s going to give you the necessary legal room to scale 20,000 LBS after all the upgrades are done. Otherwise, even If you have the right axles and tires, if you load 20,000 LBS, you will be overweight.
Do you provide regional loads?
No, unfortunately, Torque Dispatch, Inc doesn’t count with the loads’ volume to move the trucks through a reduced area and, at the same time. reach the targets every week. (E.g. Texas only). Torque Dispatch, Inc specializes in OTR dispatch.
Can I use another dispatch service while I’m working with you Torque Dispatch?
No. Torque Dispatch, Inc offers a dedicated service. A team member will be assigned to you as soon as you sign up. Our team member will be investing a great amount of time in order to get the best paying load and, if the truck gets covered by an external dispatcher, we would have wasted valuable time that could have been invested in another owner-operator.
How much money can I make working with Torque Dispatch?
It will depend on the market. The low target we have for hotshots and semi-trucks in a regular market is +$7,500.00 per week. When the market is high (summer), the numbers can go up to $12,000 per week with a single driver.