As a truck driver, what do you expect from your dispatcher?

There are millions of truck drivers on the USA roads.  They are real world unsung heroes, moving many of products that we use every day in special the food we have in our tables at home every day.  That is one of the main reasons why truck drivers are proud of the work that they do.

Most of the truck drivers enjoy a lot what they do, but it doesn’t mean that their life is easy.  In fact it is full of challenges unique of this profession.

We in Torque Dispatch, are truck drivers with many experience and we know what a driver needs day by day

Every driver needs to keep productive.  You can be on the move only 60 hours a week so having regular schedules is very important to make your time on the road to count.

Our dispatch service is focused on or drivers, so we will book you in advance and you will have a schedule of all your trips.  In this way you will always know when you will be out and when you will be at home.

Lack of home time is a challenge in close relation with the irregular schedules.  In Torque Dispatch we design your routes to make sure you will be home at least once a week.  In addition if you require extra home time you can notify so our dispatchers keep in mind your requirement.

We understand what you expect from a freight dispatcher; we know how to load a vehicle and keep the cash flowing. Rather to being out with dispatchers that leave you stranded once your load is completed, we know how to connect point A to point Z and cut down on all the deadhead miles. We will not leave you stranded and alone once you deliver your load; relationships, communication, expertise, and hustling are the keys to success in this competitive sector; don’t settle for less than what you deserve/need to establish a successful business.